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I don’t think I’ve ever told you this;
But your tongue always left a dry bitter taste in my mouth
And that’s how I knew you were poison.
The thing I always leave out is,
Your trust was the antidote that you never gave me.
I know we were never a couple, a mystery still ringing in my head
Because, that never stopped me from calling at 2am or you taking off your top.
I guess my point is to say,
I could never understand how I fit into your puzzle of lovers
Then again, I did notice the scissors behind your back,
Chipping away at my very being
And well,
I never did get all those pieces back.

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I never really missed you the way the sun misses the moon.
I rarely think of you because I’m too busy bearing light to think of darkness.
And I spend my nights in the arms of another on the opposite side of the world.
And I feel happy.
But since I stumbled across your photo 3 nights ago
I can’t help but wonder
If all those late nights were nothing more than that.
Late nights.

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My father spent half my life telling me who I was and the other, who I was supposed to be.
Passive aggression is just another way of saying, “I can’t control you because I don’t know you.”

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I became good friends with denial when I found out love could be unrequited.

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1.I met insomnia around the time that your “I love you“‘s started to sound more like nails on a black board than sweet nothing’s.

2.The thing about candy is that it makes your breathe smell so sweet while it rots your teeth and leaves traced of colored bacteria on your tongue.

3.Tossing and turning was always easier than admitting the impossibility of comfort 

4.Owning up to your shit was never your strong suit no matter how many times I called your bluff.

5. Even behind sunglassed eyes, we both know, we’re full of shit.

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In great need of a familiar soul to talk to.

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